Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor: Year Two #4 - A Review

Munmeth of The Wolf Tree Clan is a sign-maker, a story-teller and a healer. He works not only for his own people, but all good of all the clans he knows, offering what help he can and what wisdom he has to share.Yet despite his good works, no one believes Munmeth's tales of sky disks and whole tribes disappearing and the need to form a war council to fight ... until he encounters a strangely dressed woman with stranger clothing and a wounded man, whom is a medicine man like Munmeth...
Nick Abadzis has an amazing gift for creating interesting supporting characters and that gift is in full evidence in this issue. Munmeth is an instantly likable protagonist and a suitable proxy for The Doctor himself while he is out of the action. And the mystery of the "sky-hunters" is an engaging one, born of the same spirit as the classic Doctor Who series.

The artwork proves equally engaging.  Leonardo Romero takes over the penciling and inking duties this month, doing a fantastic job. And Arianna and Azzurra Florean do their usual stellar job on the color art.

This is not just a great Doctor Who comic. It is a great Doctor Who story and a great comic. It is equally accessible and enjoyable to fans of the TV series who have never read a comic and comic readers who have never watched an episode of Doctor Who.

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