Saturday, January 16, 2016

All New Wolverine #4 - A Review

Wolverine needs a safe place to hide herself and her three "sisters".  And there's few places safer than the home of Doctor Strange, at least when it comes to mundane menaces. But opening the wrong doors can unleash terrible things...
Despite one of my favorite comics mini-series of all time being the Giffen/DeMatties/MacGuire Defenders, I still don't think of Doctor Strange being a comedic character. Then again, I never really thought about Wolverine - Logan or Laura - being funny characters until Tom Taylor got his hands on them. This may be the most uproariously funny issue of this series so far yet it is also the most touching and the most action-packed. This book has the perfect balance of ethos, pathos and hilarity as well as ax-wielding berserk young women killing monsters.

Taylor is backed by an excellent art team. David Lopez and David Navarrot deliver their usual stellar work on the pencils and inks. And Nathan Fairbaim finishes things beautifully with his color art.

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