Monday, December 7, 2015

This Damned Band #5 - A Review

The rock band Motherfather got into Satanism as a publicity stunt. At least, most of the band did. But now, with more and more of their groupies disappearing and their manager becoming increasingly distant and creepy as they get ever closer to their tour's final performance in Austin, Texas, some of the band are more anxious than ever to get out of the business. Unfortunately for them, all Hell is about to break loose...

This fifth issue stands in marked contrast to the rest.  There's less overt humor than in the previous issues, as most of the issue concerns itself with the plot rather than the sheer lunacy of the characters involved. Thankfully, the action and plot are as strong and gripping as ever. Well done, Paul Cornell!

Tony Parker's artwork continues to impress as well. There's some truly breath-taking visuals in this issue and again I wish that Image migh publishe some of the Motherfather album covers and mock-concert posters as real posters. I'd gladly hang some of these on my wall.

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