Thursday, December 31, 2015

Superman: Lois And Clark #3 - A Review

Satisfied that the threat to his family has been neutralized and that their secret is safe, Clark Kent returns to his Fortress of Solitude. Meanwhile, Lois Lane goes back to work investigating this Earth's version of Intergang. Little do they know that enemies, both old and new, are already working against them...
Whatever you say about Dan Jurgens, you can't accuse him of thinking small as a writer.  This issue introduces a number of subplots and new threats for Lois and Clark to contend with. Yet everything is evenly balanced and there's no sense that anything is getting short-shrift. There's even time for some amusing banter between the first couple of comics amid all the set-up.

The artwork proves equally enjoyable. There's three inkers at work, including penciler Lee Weeks, but you'd never know it. The shading is consistent throughout. And the color art by Brad Anderson perfectly enhances the finished pencils and inks.

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