Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Superman 47 - A Review

The notorious hacker known as HORDR_ROOT has stolen Clark Kent's secret identity and with it his job, his life and a goodly portion of his power. But nearly killing Jimmy Olsen was the last straw. Now Superman is going to take the fight to HORDR_ROOT and bring him down to Earth, with a little help from his friends.

The artwork for this issue is all over the place, with three different artists with completely different styles. Howard Porter has done good work in the past but he seems to be channeling the spirit of Rob Liefeld for the better portion of this issue, with his male figures overlarge and the perspective forced to hell. This is somewhat better than Raymund Bermudez, whose contribution to the issue seems half-finished, being sketchy and under-inked. Only Tom Derenick delivers consistently, but even his work seems ill treated by the two conflicted colorists.

This is a shame because this may be the best single issue of the series Gene Luen Yang has written snice taking over Superman. It's a rare treat to see an issue where Clark fights with his head more than his fists and the fight with HORDOR_ROOT necessitates that. And let's give Yang credit for a truly novel plot twist regarding HORDOR_ROOT's connection to a classic DC Comics villain and a rather nifty origin story.

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