Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Four Annual - A Review

Not everyone who fights the tyranny of Superman does so under Batman's banner. There are many metahumans who work smaller and subtler, including a young shape-shifter whose luck finally ran out. Yet The Justice League is reluctant to lock him away as they have so many others.

Why?  Because this shape-shifter is the son of one of their own - a hero who refused to join them but neither worked against them. A hero who was once a criminal but reformed after the accident that gave him phenomenal powers. A hero who is potentially the most dangerous man in the world - Plastic Man!

No, really!  We are talking about Plastic Man! And to make things right for the son he was never there for, Plastic Man will do the unthinkable and break open the most secure prison ever built.

Tom Taylor is back for one issue but it's like he never left. He perfectly captures the specific humor of Plastic Man - not an easy feat - but also displays an ingenuity and creativity in utilizing the character's powers not seen since the Joe Kelly run of Justice League. You really believe Plas is as big a threat as the JLA make him out to be and realize that, as Plas himself once noted, "I only play dumb." And, this being a Tom Taylor story, there's some truly touching moments and amazing insight into the darker side of Patrick O'Brien's character amid the comedy.

The artwork for this issue is suitably comedic and epic in equal scope. Three different artists contributed to the pencils, inks, layouts and finishes but you'd never know it without the credits page. Sergio Sandoval and Jordi Tarragona do a fine job of building upon what Bruno Redondo starts and the final artwork looks fantastic throughout.

The most amazing thing about this issue is its accessibility. Despite being part of a long-running series, you can pick up this issue and not have to worry about being confused. Everything you need to know about this alternate Earth is explained within the first few pages. So if you haven't given the world of Injustice a shot, now's the perfect time to see what you've been missing.

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