Friday, December 11, 2015

Hercules #2 - A Review

In ancient days Hercules set the standard by which all heroes are measured. But times have changed and Hercules is changing with them. Once content to be a drunken wastrel who lived off his legend, Herc has cleaned up his act. And a good thing too!  Because something is stirring up monsters long thought gone from the mortal world. And with the help of the seer Tiresias, Hercules means to put them to rest - one way or the other.

Fans of the classic Marvel take on Hercules may think Dan Abnett's take on the character to be a blasphemy. Personally, I like the idea of Hercules trying to redeem himself and restore his good name. It's a new kind of story for Herc and his new attitude has not lessened the humor of the character at all, as he's mistaken for a cosplayer while striding through Central Park. And Tiresias - who has become a gender-bending punk in a nod to the myths where he was turned into a woman for a time - is a total hoot as well.

The action sequences are satisfying as well. And it's gratifying to see Hercules utilizing some strategy in his fighting when the character is so frequently portrayed as mere dumb muscle. Those who enjoy Neil Gaiman's take on classic mythology in the modern day will find this comic enjoyable.

The artwork by Luke Ross and Emilio Laiso is suitably epic. The inks and shadows are well-balanced, leaving the original pencils well-defined yet suitably streamlined. And the colors by Guru-FX enhance the final package perfectly.

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