Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #15 - A Review

The alien Hyperions are just moments away from activating their fusion web and incinerating the Earth! The only thing that can stop them now is The Doctor, with a little help from UNIT and some "borrowed" alien weaponry. But not everyone may make it out of this battle alive and whole...

The artwork for this issue is not up to the usual high standard. Daniel Indro's pencils are sloppy and his choices for some of the character poses and expressions are... unusual. The coloring by Slamet Mujiono, coupled with Indro's thin inks, leave the Hyperions looking like orange blobs rather than menacing men of living fire.

Robbie Morrison's writing for this issue is also uncharacteristically lazy. The final battle reminds one of the Classic Who era for all the wrong reasons, with everything being solved by a bunch of people armed with special guns. To say this seems a little against the spirit of the show is putting it mildly. The conclusion is sweet enough, with a nod to one of my favorite Christmas specials of the New Who era, but this is still a disappointing conclusion to what had been a promising story.

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