Thursday, December 17, 2015

Clean Room #3 - A Review

Despite having seen The Clean Room at the heart of self-help guru Astrid Mueller's empire, journalist Chloe Pierce is no closer to answers regarding her fiancee's mysterious death. Conversely, Mueller seems to be getting closer to the answers she seeks in examining her patients. And as one of Mueller's underlings approaches Pierce with an interesting proposition, someone (or something) is confronted by Pierce's neighbors as it breaks into her home...

Three issues in and I'm still not sure precisely what to make of this series. Yet for once I find that ignorance exciting rather than annoying. Gail Simone has once again crafted a masterful thriller that is sure to please horror enthusiasts as well as her most loyal fans.

The artwork by Jon Davis-Hunt continues to equal Simone's scripts. His artwork maintains a unique clarity while still possessing astonishing detail relative to the streamlined pencils and light inks. This is one of the best looking books I've seen this year.

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