Saturday, November 28, 2015

Rick and Morty #8 - A Review

Many holidays are celebrated in the vast expanse of the multiverse and Rick and Morty have discovered a new one - Blumbus. It's a bit like Christmas, only their version of Santa Claus is a pervy old man with the legs of a spider. Naturally, Morty is fascinated by the little differences while Rick only cares in so far as the holiday makes it harder for him to find an open bar.

Yet Rick and Morty will both find themselves caring quite a bit about The Blumbus Spirit very soon. For another time-honored Blumbus tradition involves taking strange teenage boys into your home on Blumbus Eve and allowing them to mate with your daughter... before the whole family settles in for a glorious feast on their new "son-in-law". And Morty just caught the attention of a very affectionate young blonde...

Zac Gorman pulls double duty as both writer and artist on the main story this month. Gorman's style doesn't quite fit the usual house-style this book usually adheres to but Rick and Morty are still easily identifiable. The final product looks like a combination of the standard Rick and Morty animation and Edward Gorey, which is oddly appropriate for a twisted holiday tale like this.

There's also a wonderful little back-up comic, also written by Gorman, with artwork by Marc Ellerby that I couldn't include any scans of due to its brevity. Suffice it to say, we get some goodly parodies of It's A Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol. And the color art by Ryan Hill in both comics looks wonderful.

All in all, this issue is a welcome antidote to the forced holiday cheer that is so prevalent at this time of year. And it's a story worthy of the Rick and Morty cartoon. A splendid Blumbus to you all!

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