Thursday, November 19, 2015

Descender #7 - A Review

TIM-21 has been saved from the robot-cullers of Gnish, thanks to the timely arrival of some rebels from the militant robot resistance known as The Hardwire. Unfortunately, TIM-21's saviors care little for his mission to find his lost brother or his desire to save his friends!  Elsewhere, another robot bounty hunter has taken up the search for the galaxy's most wanted robot - one with his own reasons for wishing to find TIM-21.

This series is a wonder of modern science-fiction. The script by Jeff Lemire puts unique spins on several classic tropes and every issue so far has found at least one way to surprise me. And the artwork by Dustin Nguyen is brilliant in its subtlety.

If you haven't given Descender a chance yet, this is the perfect jumping-on point.  This issue is the first part of the second story arc - Machine Moon. And a handy blurb at the front of the book tells you everything you need to know. I'd still suggest tracking down the first six issues or picking up the TP collection, though.

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