Sunday, November 1, 2015

Batgirl #45 - A Review

It's Wedding Day for Babs' best friend Alysia and she's totally rocking the Maid of Honor duties, solving all the last minute problems from sudden dress stains to lost earrings with ease. It's going to be a magical day and the best part is finally getting some time with Luke Fox, her new maybe-boyfriend. Unfortunately, this is the moment Dick "Wait, aren't you dead?" Grayson chooses to come back into her life... and steals the wedding ring to lure Babs into a talk about where they stand!

Your enjoyment of this issue will come down to one simple question - how do you feel about Dick Grayson being written as an unreformed Flynn Rider? I'll admit to not having read Grayson or much of the earlier Nightwing book, but was a decision made at some point that Dick should live up to his name in the New 52 universe? Because I can't believe that the character who was always Batman with sensitivity training would be as thoughtless as he is in this issue.

At least the artwork by Babs Tarr continues to be amazing. Her characters are cute yet sporty and the issue's one action sequence is very well blocked. And the colors by Serge Lapointe perfectly enhance Tarr's pencils and inks.

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