Monday, October 5, 2015

Sons Of The Devil #5 - A Review

Things between Travis and his girlfriend Melissa have never been worse. She's laid into him for not discussing his therapy with her or mentioning a woman named Jenny who claimed to be Travis' half-sister. But Travis hasn't been alone in keeping secrets and the bombshell Melissa has been hiding may be the straw that breaks the camel's back and ends their relationship forever.

There's no small irony that Travis finally seems to be moving forward in his life just in time for Brian Buccellato to declare a six-month hiatus before the next issue comes out. Still, it is gratifying that the reason for the hiatus is to ensure Toni Infante is available to work on the book, in order to maintain the series' visual continuity. I'm optimistic it will prove worth the wait.

If you haven't been reading Sons of The Devil before now, you've been missing out on a slow-boiling drama with a likable protagonist, a number of intriguing mysteries and some damn fine artwork. If you can't track down the back-issues, check out the upcoming trade. This series reads even better in one go than it does month-to-month and the TP will include a bonus story starring the mysterious Jenny.

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