Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Constantine The Hellblazer #5 - A Review

Some people are haunted by their old loves. In John Constantine's case, it's no metaphor. His first love Veronica has been transformed into something else, having become unstuck between worlds. And if John is going to put her to rest he'll need the help of the one person he least wants to deal with - Georgina, the prim and proper wizard whom Veronica dumped for John back in their misspent youth.

In a few short issues, Ming Doyle and James Tynion IV have captured the essence of John Constantine in a way that no other comic writers have managed in recent memory. This issue proves a fitting capstone for an opening arc that may be the best introduction to John as a character ever written.

Riley Rossmo is a good artist but I think Ming Doyle, Chris Visions and Vanesa Del Rey are better suited to the material stylistically. That's just a matter of personal preference, mind you. The artwork on this issue does look good. Yet I keep thinking of Astro Boy when I see John's hair in some of Rossmo's work!

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