Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Four #18 - A Review

Poseidon is determined to save the World of Man from Zeus' control and a massive tidal-wave stands poised to destroy the Amazon island of Themyscria. As Batman and his allies try to evacuate and Lex Luthor monitors the activities of Ares, a new player enters the battle-field. Another sea-king who stands ready to fight the gods themselves to defend the oceans from harm...Aquaman!

Aquaman is probably the most disrespected superhero in popular culture yet serious comic fans know that he's a far cry from his portrayal on Superfriends.  Brian Buccellato's script is a love letter to the awesomeness that is Aquaman.  There's also a respectful amount of equally awesome ass-kicking involving his queen, Mera, as the two of them take on the God of The Seas and more than hold their own.

The artwork is equally entertaining. Mike S. Miller's thin-inked style proves effective in capturing the aquatic environments that dominate this issue. Though the art does appear rushed in a few panels, the fight scenes are incredibly well-blocked and the panel flow works well despite a number of unusual layouts.

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