Sunday, September 20, 2015

Constantine The Hellblazer #4 - A Review

John Constantine's past is haunting him. More than usual and in a far more literal fashion. Try as he might and as much as he drinks, John can't rid himself of the memory of Veronica - the girl who got away and faded away into nothing as the magic she and John sought as young punks took her out of the world. Nor can John rid himself of the demon that stalks his every step, devouring the ghosts of the people he failed that normally torment him.

Again, I must praise this book for its inventive artwork. Vanesa Del Rey returns to illustrate the modern-day portions of the story with a dark grittiness well-suited to the world of John Constantine. The flashbacks are handled by Chris Visions, whose vibrant style captures John's wild past. Ivan Plascencia colors both sections with perfectly chosen palettes.

The story by James Tynion IV and Ming Doyle proves equally enjoyable. I particularly enjoyed the prose of John's description of how magic really works. And while it seems obvious in retrospect, I honestly found myself surprised by the issue's final page on my first read-through.  Well done, all.

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