Thursday, August 20, 2015

Rick And Morty #5 - A Review

It's time for another fun summer at Camp Camperson - the summer camp that Morty has gone to every summer of his young life... yet never had this mentioned before!  And Rick is there too, working as a counselor... even though Rick hates all this outdoorsy, slice-of-Americana crap! And Morty is popular with all the other boys and all the girls - especially the cutest girl in camp, Lisa Kanoogian - all want to do things with him. Naughty things!

Just what the hell is wrong with this picture?!  

Alas, this is the first issue of Ricky and Morty to fall short of greateness. The script by Zac Gorman possesses a number of funny gags but you can only go so far with jokes about Morty overreacting to the weirdness around him without having Rick's reckless indifference as a balancing factor. That ingredient is largely absent since most of the comic has Rick acting decidedly out-of-character and actually giving a damn about something.  Granted that something is water safety, but still...

Thankfully, the artwork is still up to snuff. C.J. Cannon continues to capture the visual essence of the show in the main story while Marc Ellerby struts his stuff on the back-up comic showcasing Beth having an inter-dimensional adventure of her own. The inks of Cat Farris and the color art of Ryan Hill complete their work perfectly.

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