Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Four #14 - A Review

Hercules - The Lion of Olympus - lies dead!  As the newly enraged Greek Gods begin the fight anew against Superman, Batman and his team make ready to take down the rest of The Regime.  But Damian Wayne has other ideas and plans to prove he's better than his father at any cost!

The episodic fight scenes that have made up much of Injustice: Year Four run the risk of becoming tiresome at this point. Just how many times has the fighting stopped and started again since the stand-off between Superman and the Greek Gods started? Thankfully, Brian Buccellato keeps things interesting by switching the focus of the fight scenes and centering the story upon character interaction rather than fisticuffs.

Alas, the artwork this week is a bit of a mixed bag.  With two artists at work there's very little sense of visual continuity.  Additionally, there are a number of instances of over-inked panels and some generally strange body-posing.  At least the color art by Rex Lokus maintains the usual high standard but the majority of this book looks rather raw.

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