Thursday, August 13, 2015

Descender #6 - A Review

The sixth chapter of Descender takes us into the not-too-distant past of the great robotics expert Dr. Quon. Or rather - the NOT so great Dr. Quon. For this flashback issue reveals the lie of his life and that all of his revolutionary ideas came about because of an ancient artifact stolen from his mentor - evidence that ancient civilizations had robots so advanced as to seem like organic life!

This issue beautifully builds upon last month's shocking cliff-hanger. It is a credit to Jeff Lemire's skill as a writer that this issue manages to be so gripping despite a lack of action until the final pages. Such is the tale that Lemire is spinning.

The artwork by Dustin Nguyen continues to impress.  Nguyen's style is uniquely streamlined yet simultaneously packed with detail.  The final scenes showcase Nguyen's talent for character design as we see even more uniquely modeled robots.

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