Monday, July 13, 2015

The Flash: Season Zero #23 - A Review

It's another typical day at STAR Labs, with Caitlin and Cisco helping The Flash deal with the city's latest crisis, when Caitlin gets a call about a funeral she has to attend. Caitlin's mentor from college has died and her passing has left Caitlin in little mood for work or Cisco's well-meaning but misguided efforts to cheer her up. Then a mysterious package arrives and the two scientists find themselves drawn into a mystery and a race against time against a murderous colleague to retrieve the mentor's magnum opus - a working perpetual motion engine!

At first I was afraid when this issue opened with The Flash battling giant spiders in a sewer but this B-movie plot is quickly put aside as Sterling Gates delivers his A-game, with a spell-binding story that focuses on The Flash's best friends. Gates perfectly captures the spirit of the characters from the show and it is gratifying to see a story that focuses on Caitlin and her past that doesn't draw upon her romantic life.

The artwork by Ibrahim Moustafa is the best this series has seen. Moustafa perfectly captures the likenesses of the show's cast.  And his inks - coupled with the muted color palette utilized by Nick Filardi - create the perfect ambiance for a story set in a spooky old house with a secret laboratory.

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