Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Four #12 - A Review

There has been a break in the conflict between Superman's Regime and the Greek Gods. But the fighting begins anew as Wonder Woman defies the orders of Zeus to join his side in the conflict. Now they will have to face the wrath of Hercules - strongest of the demigods!

Despite being largely compromised of one epic battle scene, this issue of Injustice feels like little more than set-up for a larger battle, which is hinted at on the final page. Yet Brian Buccellato's witty script keeps this issue from feeling entirely like padding. If nothing else, it's amusing to watch Hal Jordan go up against Hercules and Harley Quinn throwing herself into the fight with unpredictable results.

Mike S. Miller's contribution to this issue brings us some amazing splash-pages and wonderful close-ups. His artwork grows somewhat weaker when depicting long distances, but the action scenes are very well choreographed. And the palettes utilized by J. Nanjan are well chosen.

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