Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Four #10 - A Review

With the duel to the death between Superman and Wonder Woman interrupted by the timely arrival of Sinestro, all hope for averting the conflict between the superhumans of Earth and the Greek gods seems lost. Despite Sinestro's apparent ignorance, Zeus is not pleased by this turn of events. In fact, he is so angry that he orders the gods' war on Superman to begin in earnest. Immediately.

The script for this issue showcases Brian Buccellato's ingenuity, setting up several battles that are amusing to watch. Some conflicts - such as Hermes against The Flash - seem obvious in retrospect but there is much amusement in Casanova-wannabe Hal Jordan fighting Artemis, who has little use for men in general and men like Hal Jordan in particular. Yet there are also moments of pathos, such as a flashback that - in a nod to Geoff Johns most recent Justice League run - sees Batman counseling Superman on how he must learn to fight properly if he is to have any hope of defeating Wonder Woman in a fight should it prove necessary.

This issue does not represent Xermanico's best work. While many of the close-ups and splash-pages look good, there are many smaller panels where the fine details are lost among overly-heavy inks. Thankfully, the colors by Rex Lokus and lettering by Wes Abbott remain at their usual high level of quality.

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