Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #3 - A Review

The black market for time-tech is about to shut down... permanently!  That's not a clever line - that's the literal truth with the bubble holding back the supernova that threatens to destroy the market ready to disappear in ten minutes. Unfortunately, The Doctor disappears after a stray energy blast, leaving Rose and Jack to try and rescue the TARDIS from scavengers by themselves!

Cavan Scott continues to impress with his scripts for this series.  Scott has perfectly captured the voices of The Doctor, Rose Tyler and Captain Jack Harkness. More, Scott has mastered the careful balance of action and humor that made the Ninth Doctor's adventures so wonderful.

The artwork for this book is a marked improvement over the previous issues. This can, perhaps, be credited to color finisher Rachael Stott - a new edition to the creative team. For some reason, the problems with hyper-saturated and overly bright colors, which left the characters looking like they were glowing in the previous issues, are no longer a problem this month And the finished artwork looks... fantastic!

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