Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Sandman: Overture #5 - A Review

The good news is that Dream of the Endless has managed to manipulate himself into being precisely where he wants to be. The bad news is that his estranged mother is ill-inclined to let him go now that he is in her realm. Salvation may be found but it will come from a most unexpected source.

The artwork on this issue is nothing short of phenomenal. I had a hard time picking which pages to offer up as samples because the two-page spreads are so gorgeous I felt guilty breaking them apart.  Praise be to J. H. Williams III and Dave Stewart for a splendid job!

As for the script, there is little I can say that will be a revelation.  Fans of Neil Gaiman's previous work will love it, as I do. And those who haven't read The Sandman are advised to read the original series first, despite this tale being a prequel of sorts.

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