Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sons Of The Devil #2 - A Review

Travis Crowe isn't the sort of man to worry about the past. His thoughts are mostly about the future - moving in with his girlfriend and building a life and a family with her. But Travis' past keeps coming back to haunt him, making his future look increasingly bleak.

An orphan bounced around the foster-care system, Travis had little interest in finding his birth family and even less interest in getting help from his former foster-brother Klay, whom Travis blames (quite rightly) for Travis never getting adopted. Now, Klay is dead and Travis is the lone witness to the murder as well as the prime suspect. Because the police don't completely buy Travis' story about struggling with a strange man who called Travis "The Chosen One".

Where did Travis Crowe come from? What did Klay uncover that might be worth his life? And what connection does it have to a mysterious cult from Northern California in the late 1980s?

As I noted in my review of the first issue on, the best part about this series is the character of Travis. Despite having a violent temper and rough edges you could sand a deck with, Travis is a likable protagonist who demands attention. This is fortunate as the actual plot of Sons of The Devil is still being revealed at a leisurely pace. This is not to say that this issue is not full of action but that there's been very little explanation of the events we've seen so far and how they connect. Thankfully, the script by Brian Buccellato makes this slow boil thrilling rather than tedious.

The artwork by newcomer Toni Infante is equally gripping.  Infante avoids the heavy inks favored by most artists working in horror comics, using subtle changes in the coloring to denote shadows. This gives the artwork a unique look as well as a greater sense of visual clarity.

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