Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Four #9 - A Review

As Superman and Wonder Woman engage in a trial by combat for the fate of the Regime, Hal Jordan watches... and thinks. It's not something Hal Jordan does much, being more a man of action than a philosopher. But that was before the most honest and brave man on Earth gave himself over to the power of Fear. And that fear brings Jordan to an upsetting conclusion about what Superman has become...

Out of all the startling changes to the familiar characters of the DC Comics Universe that have been brought about in the world of Injustice, one of the least commented upon is Hal Jordan's transformation into The Yellow Lantern. With this issue, Buccellato gives us some much needed insight into how a man once thought fearless might have become an avatar of everything he fought against. In this, we see the more subtle effects that Superman's fall from grace has had on his allies.

The artwork remains at its usual high standard. Bruno Redondo has a fine eye for detail and his layouts for the fight between Superman and Wonder Woman, inter-cut with flashbacks to other battles Superman has fought since the death of Lois Lane, look amazing.  Inker Juan Albarran finds the perfect level of shade to enhance every panel. And the colors by Rex Lokus are stunning.

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