Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Four #6 - A Review

For the better part of a year, Wonder Woman was trapped in magical sleep.  The goddess Hera restored her - despite her grudge against Diana as a bastard child of Zeus - in exchange for a price to be named later.  It is now later and the price has been named. By the orders of The Gods, the armies of the Amazons must stand against Superman and his Regime... including their own princess!

One can't accuse Brian Buccellato of thinking small in his scripts for this series. It doesn't get much bigger than a war between the superheroes of Earth and the whole Greek Pantheon! Yet Buccellato also finds time in this issue for smaller scenes, such as the comedic sorbet of The Flash and Cyborg razzing an all-too-serious Damian Wayne.

The artwork for this issue is largely excellent. My only criticism of Bruno Redondo's work here is that his designs for Artemis (the redhead amazon who briefly replaced Diana as Wonder Woman) and Hera are too similar. And Juan Albarran's inks for the characters are overly thick in some panels. Despite this, the greater portion of this comic looks perfect.

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