Sunday, June 14, 2015

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #11 - A Review

The Doctor and Gabby Gonzales have saved the Earth from another threat. But something else is in need of saving - Gabby's relationship with her best friend, Cindy, whose calls and texts she's been missing during her travels with The Doctor! So while Gabby leaves to patch things up with her BFF, The Doctor wanders off to investigate a signal that turns out to be an advert for a private auction of alien artifacts...

Artists Elena Casagrande and Arianna Florean return for this story-arc and it is good to see them again. I loved their artwork on the first story-arc for this Tenth Doctor series and their work here does not disappoint.  This is one of the best looking books I've read all year!

Nick Abadzis' scripts are amazing. It is a credit to his skill as a writer that he can split the action of the issue between The Doctor's pursuit of a dangerous artifact and two women talking and make both plots equally interesting. And - SPOILER - the final page has one of the greatest cliff-hangers in Doctor Who history. I can't wait for the next issue.  I'm sure it will be fantastic!

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