Sunday, April 19, 2015

John Cater: Warlord of Mars #5 - A Review

John Carter has arrived just in time to stop the execution of his true love, the princess Dejah Thoris. But will he be able to escape with his life and his love? Not if the conniving Captain Clark - an old enemy from John Carter's days as a Captain in the Confederate Army - has anything to say about it!

With his creation of Captain Josuha Clark, writer Ron Marz has crafted a worthy arch-enemy for John Carter. Clark is everything that Carter is not while seemingly having much in common with his fellow Captain. Chief among these differences are their motivations, with Carter being motivated to battle by love and a desire to protect those in need.  Clark, on the other hand, is motivated by hatred and a need to win, being more barbaric than Carter despite his veneer of civilized courtesy.

The artwork on this books continues to impress. Abhishek Malsuni brings the world of Barsoom to life as few artists have. The inks by Zsolt H. Garisa perfectly enhance the original art. And Nanjan Jamberi provides one of the finest color art jobs I have ever seen.

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