Sunday, April 5, 2015

Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #1 - A Review

Fresh from their adventures in World War II era England, The Doctor, his companion Rose Tyler and rogue Time Agent Captain Jack Harkness are on their way to one of The Doctor's favorite planets. Unfortunately, there's an asteroid field where the planet used to be along with a warship full of angry robots. Then a second group of heavily armed robots show up and things really begin to get stressful!

I have mixed feelings about the script for this issue.  On the one hand, Cavan Scott perfectly captures the voices of the characters from the show and there's some wonderful dialogue and banter worthy of the show.  On the other hand, the actual plot of the story thus far is terribly generic and the plot requires slightly out-of-character behavior on the part of both Rose and The Doctor to set up the issue's cliffhanger ending.

I'm similarly conflicted about the artwork. Artist Blair Shedd generally does an amazing job capturing the likenesses of the characters from the show though the expressions don't always seem to match the tone of the scene, as when The Doctor looks less angry as he tells Jack Harkness off for using a gun and more... well, I'm not sure HOW to describe this expression. And the coloration leaves everything looking a little too bright and almost washed-out at times.

Despite this, the book gets more right than it does wrong. And the sum of the whole proves greater than the individual parts. I dare say Doctor Who fans will find this book... fantastic!

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