Monday, April 13, 2015

Ant-Man #4 - A Review

With his daughter Cassie kidnapped and his ex-wife on the warpath, Scott Lang is in dire straits. Luckily, his new employee Grizzly knows a guy from his ex-supervillain support group who may be just the backup they need. But Cross Technological Enterprises is not without its own super-powered protectors.  Will The Mighty Machinesmith Be Enough To Counter The Canny Crossfire?

I had to put this book down several times, I was laughing so hard while reading it. Nick Spencer puts the human back into superhuman, taking the obscure background players of the Marvel Universe and turning them into real people with real problems, thrown up against the insanity of the world they live in. D-List villains are reduced to serving as children's party entertainment while the heroes who can't afford personal jets cruise into battle behind the wheel of a customized van.  Not a battle-van, mind you - just a customized van.

Ramon Rosanas answers this absurdity with some truly amazing artwork.  Rosanas has a great gift for expressions and the best bits of this book involve close-ups on the cast, as their faces contort into all manner of outrageous aspect.  The action scenes are also well depicted. And the coloring by Jordan Boyd is top-notch. This is the finest, funnest superhero comedy since the Giffen/De Matteis/Maguire Justice League.

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