Monday, March 9, 2015

The Flash: Season Zero #14 - A Review

Barry and Cisco survived Round One with King Shark, but the mutant shark-man's bite has slowed Barry's hyperactive healing-factor to a crawl. As Barry returns to work trying to hide his bloody bandages and Cisco and Caitlin return to tracking King Shark, little do they know that someone else is hunting the monster.

How soon will be be before Team STAR Labs crosses paths with The Suicide Squad? And has Captain Boomerang come back to finish The Flash off once and for all?

Fans of the show who have yet to give this tie-in comic a try will be pleased to know this issue contains the same humor. Phil Hester sneaks in a few funny visual gags, such ac Cisco's "research" into the biology of sharks involving a screening of Sharknado.  And the script by Kai Wu and Lauren Certo boasts several equally amusing one-liners.

Arrow fans will probably want to check this issue out as well, since it gives us our first post-arrest appearance of Cupid as well as the return of Captain Boomerang.  And Deadshot. There's always room for more Deadshot.

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