Saturday, March 21, 2015

Superior Iron Man #6 - A Review

If there weren't already evidence that Tony Stark was no longer the man he was, his selling weapons plans to the highest bidder would be a big neon sign that something is wrong. And as Pepper Potts and her mysterious ally investigate just what is going on, the Superior Iron Man is eyeing another target. His new goal?  A multimedia news network of his very own.

This issue lacks the action of previous issues, but that fact proves to be a welcome change. Tom Taylor is at his best when he is letting the characters play off of one another and twisting expectations. He's also a master of dark comedy and we get a fair bit of that in this issue as Tony gets to play the asshole in a most delightful way. The end of the issue, however, promises that next month will more than make up for it should there be anyone lamenting this issue's relative lack of violence.

Laura Braga continues to impress. Braga is a wonderful visual storyteller and there is a smooth easiness to the panels of this issue. And I think she may have captured the famous Stark smirk better than any artist in recent memory.

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