Saturday, March 21, 2015

Star Wars #3 (Marvel 2015) - A Review

Star Wars #3 is one big action sequence until it's last three pages. I mention this only as a preface to the following sentence.  By The Maker, this is one heck of an action sequence!

How awesome is this book?  Darth Vader single-handedly disabling an AT-AT Walker with his light-saber is only the second-most awesome thing that happens over the course of this issue.  That is the scale we are dealing with as far as this book is concerned.

John Cassaday displays this action with all the grandeur one would expect - both from Cassady himself and from the Star Wars franchise in general - and Laura Martin does a fair job varying the color palette as best she can given the limited coloration of a military outpost on a desert planet. The only real flaw in the artwork is that Cassaday sometimes goes too far in trying to capture the likeness of the actors from the original movies. As a result, the characters' expressions don't always match up with the emotion expressed in the dialogue.

Thankfully, these occurrences are few and far between. And despite the high-action content of this issue, Jason Aaron still finds a way to sneak in a few character moments for both Luke and Darth Vader as the issue progresses.  All in all, if you haven't been giving the new Star Wars book a shot, you should. This is more than simple nostalgia. This is everything space opera and comics should be.

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