Wednesday, March 11, 2015

See Me At All-Con 2015!

This year, I am a Guest of Honor at All-Con 2015 and their first ever Guest Critic!  Here's my schedule of events and panels I'm a part of.


12 PM - Dogwood Room - All About Arrow

A look at the history of Green Arrow and how he made the journal from second-string hero to small-screen star.

3 PM - Pecan Room - Lost In Time: An Introduction to Doctor Who

Curious about Doctor Who but not sure where to start watching?  This is the panel for you.

6 PM - Addison Theater - Off-Target Live!

It's Mystery Science Theater 3000 for the worst comics ever published as a live stage show.


6 PM - Addison Theater - The Art Of Riffing: Sarcasm As An Artform

Three of All-Con's greatest wits explain the history of riffing, with a live demonstration.

7 PM - Pecan Room - Professional Portfolio Reviews

Have your artwork examined by a professional comic critic.

8 PM - Addison Theater - Original Sins: The History of John Constantine

A historical lecture on the story of the comics' world's favorite working-class wizard.

Midnight - Addison Theater - The Art of Riffing - Adults Only, We Really Mean It Edition!

Three of All-Con's greatest wits explain the history of riffing, with a live demonstration and dirty jokes.


1 PM - Pecan Room - Critical Writing: How (Not) To Make Friends And Alienate People.

I offer my wisdom - such as it is - about how to write critical analysis without being killed.

2 PM - Pecan Room - DC Comics Television Multiverse

I head a panel of geeks to discuss all the upcoming TV shows based on DC Comics books.

3 PM - Dogwood Room - Marvel Cinematic Universe - Hail Hydra!
I'm part of a panel of geeks discussing all the upcoming Marvel TV shows and movies.


11 AM - Maple Room - Flash Facts

A quick history lesson on The Fastest Man Alive and his hit TV show.

12 PM - Pecan Room - Q&A With A Critic

I'll answer your questions about comic history and how to write.

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