Sunday, March 8, 2015

Doctor Who : The Tenth Doctor #8 - A Review

Bad enough being stuck in the middle of No Man's Land in WWI. Worse to be surrounded by an army of The Weeping Angels with The TARDIS disappeared!  Not even a friendly Scottish soldier named Jamie can lift The Doctor's spirits, as he struggles to figure out a way to get himself and a rag-tag group of survivors to safety.

This tale by Robbie Morrison has been a real wonder. Not only has he managed to breathe new life into The Weeping Angels, he's done it by exploring the most horrific element of the angel's touch. Through a series of vignettes, we've seen the fates of several of the soldiers the angels have caught and suffice it to say not all of them were lucky enough to find a fresh start with a nice young lady five decades earlier. Morrison has also created a number of memorable supporting characters in this surprisingly short arc, including Scottish soldier Jamie Colquhon and Captain Fairburn, who may well have been a match for Brigadier Lethrbridge-Stewart!

The artwork by Daniel Indro is equally impressive.  Indro has prefectly captured the likeness of David Tennant and his panel flow is bold and innovative, yet simple to follow. The color art by Slamet Mujiono is also praiseworthy, with some scenes that seem to have been painted!

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