Sunday, February 15, 2015

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #2 - A Review

Did you know that squirrels are natural astronomers?  Because they totally are!  And a good thing too!  Because the squirrels of Earth are the only beings who have noticed the approach of Galactus - Eater of Worlds, Wielder Of The Power Cosmic and Baker of Fine Banana Bread. (That last title isn't used as much.)  And now it is the responsibility of Doreen Green - The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl - to save the Earth!  But will she still have time to sign up for the college Anime Club?!
Words cannot describe how much I love this title.


What?  You were expecting me to say more?  I just said words can't describe my love for this title. Not even the dirty, filthy, inappropriate ones you wouldn't say in front of your mom.


Oh, alright.  Fine. You kids today...

I will also say that Ryan North's scripts are hilarious and the artwork by Erica Henderson (with colors by Rico Renzi) perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the scripts in visual form.

Encapsulates is a fun word.  It means "to put in a nut shell".  Really!
This is a good book. More, it is an important book for its potential to offend.  And I don't mean the neck-bearded Adam Baldwin types who object to women writing comics/reading comics and comics featuring heroines that don't look like porn stars. I mean the humorless fans for whom comics are Serious Business - the ones who cam quote chapter and verse from The Book of Claremont and tell you in how many issues Jean Grey was incorrectly depicted with blue eyes instead of green.

You probably know at least one of this sort if you're a comic reader - the sort of fan who object to the idea of Squirrel Girl being able to scare Doctor Doom or get Tony Stark to show her some respect because it is silly. As if the idea of a billionaire playboy designing a flying suit of armor or a gypsy healer becoming the world's greatest master of science and sorcery weren't just as silly as talking to squirrels?

It is for that reason, if no other, that we need books like The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl - to offend those who find fun itself offensive.

(Also, I want an actual set of Deadpool's Guide To Super-Villains And Super-Villain Accessories flash cards.  But mostly offending the uptight people!)

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