Sunday, February 15, 2015

Star Wars #2 (Marvel 2015) - A Review

The second issue of the new Star Wars book starts right where the first one left off, as our heroes attempt to blow up an Imperial weapons factory and escape with their lives.  There's just one thing standing in their way - Darth Vader! And to say that he is not amused would be putting it mildly.

Jason Aaron's script perfectly captures the feel of the films, for good and for ill.  Some of the dialogue is awkward but in a way that seems fitting to the characters (i.e. some of Darth Vader's grandiose speeches).  Still, there are enough good character touches to make up for it, such as Han's still refusing to believe in The Force even as Vader is taking apart the AT-AT Walker Han is piloting...with one hand!

The artwork is still top notch with John Cassaday doing a fine job of capturing the established characters and blocking the action.  Laura Martin's colors keep things vibrant, despite the dull, mechanical setting of the story. And Chris Eliopoulos makes even the letters and fonts of this book visually interesting!

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