Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Three #19 - A Review

The Resistance is on the run and running low on options. As Trigon fights with Superman's mystery protector, The Regime will receive aid from another unlikely ally. And John Constantine's day is about to get even worse...

I'm reluctant to say much about this issue, lest I spoil last week's amazing revelation as to just who has been helping Superman all this time in the guise of The Spectre.  Suffice it to say Brian Buccellato delivered one heck of a surprising twist but one that makes perfect sense within the context of the DC Universe.  And that sense - as much as sense can be said to apply to this situation - is explained in full within this issue.

Mike S. Miller does his usual excellent job on the artwork.  The fights are all well choreographed. The backgrounds are also well-handled, with the Escheresque Tower of Fate being particularly noteworthy. And Rex Lokus' colors are suitably vibrant and eye-catching.

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