Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bitch Planet #3 - A Review

Whereas the first two issues of Bitch Planet were devoted to establishing the setting and the theme, Bitch Planet #3 is a character study.  The focus here is upon Penelope "Penny" Rolle - a.k.a. the overweight hell-raiser who had been seen in the background of the first two issues but was never the focus of the action... until now!

Kelly Sue DeConnick has done great character analyses in other series and that talent is on full display here.  We get a good look at Penny's formative years and see how she's been triply-cursed, being a woman, not White and overweight in a society that shuns BBWs. Ironically, this personally focused story does a better job of displaying the culture of Bitch Planet than the first two issues or at least in showcasing the problems such a world poses for non-compliant women.

Robert Wilson IV handles the artwork this time around and proves a capable substitute for Valentine De Landro.  Wilson's style is reminiscent of Mike Allred's, but with a gritty edge that does not diminish its clarity in the least.  All in all, the artwork is once again a match for DeConnick's writing and this series continues to be one of the best comics in existence.

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