Saturday, February 21, 2015

Batgirl #39 - A Review

I was taken to task by several people over my review of Batgirl #38.  This surprised me, because while I was rather vocal about not liking the portrayal of Barbara Gordon and was contemplating whether or not I'd continue picking this title up because of it, I never said it was a bad comic.  But looking over the review, I realize that neither did I say that Brendan Fletcher and Cameron Stewart had written a good script.  And they did.

Batgirl #38 had a good story. I just thought it would be more appropriate to the Stephanie Brown incarnation of Batgirl than Barbara Gordon.  And in hindsight, I could have been clearer in articulating that point.  Not all critics make that distinction, after all - that there is a difference between something good I don't enjoy and something that is bad.  And Batgirl #38 was not bad.

Still, I was persuaded by several people - including my pal David Tai and Sporadatak of Gone Catawampus - to pick up Batgirl #39. And boy, am I glad they did! Because this... this is the issue where everything starts coming together.

The book's opening sees Barbara starting to think - really think - about what Dinah said in the last issue and start analyzing her behavior for any incongruities.  Then someone puts a bounty on Batgirl's head to the tune of 20 million dollars. The Birds reunite to deal with that crisis and Barbara comes to a starling revelation about just who - or what - might be out to ruin her life.

I can't say much more about this issue beyond that for fear of spoilers. What I can say is that Babs Tarr's artwork is as amazing as ever.  The character designs are distinctive and the action is well depicted.

Suffice it to say that my concerns over Barbara's character are being addressed and appear to be the lead in to something big.  So if you quit Batgirl because Babs didn't seem to be Babs anymore, I'd urge you to give it one more chance for at least two more issues. You can trust me - I'm the guy who called the upcoming Black Canary comic, after all. :)

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