Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ant Man #2 - A Review

Having just blown off a multi-million dollar job offer from Tony Stark so that he could be close to his daughter, Scott Lang is in need of a job.  Sure, he may save lives as Ant Man but he does need to pay the rent somehow.  Well, he WOULD need to pay rent if his current domicile weren't an Iron Man action-figure play set, but that's besides the point.  The point is that Scott has a plan to get the money he needs to start his own business.  Now if only he can survive the bank-loan application process, fighting a Nazi robot and a chance encounter with a furry-suited super-villain who mistook him for a different Ant Man.

The script for this issue is a perfect blend of action, drama and comedy. Nick Spencer is a funny guy (his Jimmy Olsen one-shot is one of my all-time favorites) but he doesn't make fun of Scott Lang or his powers as much as he mocks the complications of life in the Marvel Universe. Such as how difficult it is to rebuild your life after you've been declared legally dead and got resurrected by a cosmic event. Yet there are still moments of ethos and pathos, where the former thief finds himself tested by temptation.

The artwork by Ramon Rosanas proves a perfect match for Spencer's scripts.  Rosana has a great sense of visual storytelling and the panel flow of each page is quite good. The action sequences are also well-played and look great.

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