Sunday, January 11, 2015

John Cater: Warlord of Mars #3 - A Review

The cover of this book may read John Carter: Warlord of Mars, but the focus of this issue is firmly upon John Carter's wife, Dejah Thoris. Though she may be held hostage in the dungeons of Helium, Dejah is no princess to be rescued!  She is a warrior queen, as cunning as she is bold, but even she will be tested as never before as she makes her escape to join her husband in taking back their home.

Many of the covers for this series have either depicted Dejah in provocative poses and/or in bondage.  Artist Abhisher Malsuni is to be commended for avoiding such silliness.  His Dejah is beautiful, yes, but clearly depicted as a woman of action.  Malsuni's work is further enhanced by the wonderful palette choices of Nanjan Jamberi and deepened by the inks of Zsolt H. Garisa.

Dejanh's strength of character is further revealed through Ron Marz's script. This issue proves the power that was only hinted at earlier in the series, as Dejah joins the fighting herself.  Dejah is revealed as a woman of poise and dignity - a true queen worthy of the respect and adoration of her people.

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