Monday, December 1, 2014

The Flash: Season Zero #7 - A Review

The Flash is still shell-shocked after his encounter with the empath Mr. Bliss. As Dr. Wells tries to snap Barry out of his terror-induced coma, Caitlin and Cisco must try to warn the public before Bliss gets a chance to unleash his powers upon a captive audience of millions.

I've noted before that I questioned whether or not Phil Hester was the right artist for this book.  Yet this issue confirmed for me that whatever faults this book has artistically, few of them can be laid at Hester's feet.  To speak plainly, Phil Hester is not well-paired with the rest of the art team for this series.  Inker Eric Gapstur does an erratic job of enhancing Hester's original art and the colors chosen by Kelsey are questionable at best.  Many pages have the look of something out of a coloring book rather than a professional comic.

Thankfully, the story by Andrew Kreisberg (with script by Katherine Walczak and Brooke Elkmeier)  is as riveting as ever. There isn't a lot of action in this issue but there are still some good character moments for the supporting cast that fans of the show will enjoy.  The greatest revelation, however, is  a peek at a collection of high-tech tools that will fuel further speculations as to just who Dr. Wells really is and may actually offer a concrete answer answer to that question.

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