Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Three #11 - A Review

Left with few allies in the wake of their failed attack on Superman, Batman and John Constantine puzzle out the prophecy of Madame Xanadu and plot their next move. Meanwhile, The Phantom Stranger questions The Spectre and it becomes clear that something is not right with The Spirit of Vengeance. And in order to get at Superman, The Resistance may have to raise a demon that even John Constantine is reluctant to summon...

I've said before that Tom Taylor has done a fine job of adding little moments of humor and character into this series and that's certainly true of this issue.  Little touches such as Catwoman playing with Karlion The Witchboy's familiar Teekl or Harley Quinn's continuing to call out Dr. Fate on not being a real doctor help to lighten the tone of the story as more serious characters discuss the dark business of killing Superman.  What I've never noted, however, is Taylor's boldness as a writer and if having Detective Chimp wearing a T-shirt mocking Rocket Raccoon on the same day that Guardians of the Galaxy is released on DVD in the USA isn't bold, I don't know what is!

The artwork matches the script in courage and audacity.  Bruno Redondo captures the cosmic scope of both The Phatnom Stranger and The Spectre perfectly, depicting them walking on the rings of Saturn!  And inker and finisher Xermanico does a fine job of enhancing Redondo's pencils, going far beyond offering mere outlines and shading.

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