Tuesday, December 30, 2014

All New Invaders #13 - A Review

Tanalath The Pursuer of The Kree Empire and Makkari of The Eternals are both renegades among their respective peoples. And though their peoples would likely consider their interaction an act of treason, they still meet.  For there is a mystery that needs solving and both find greater comfort with another who asks questions than their own kin...

I've never been fond of the cosmic portions of Marvel Comics universe. Yet James Robinson's script for this issue avoids getting bogged down in cumbersome details even as it discusses some involved continuity. We even learn how Makkari shares an association with our titular team and how he was a member of The Invaders under the names Mercury and Hurricane back in World War II!

Steve Pugh's artwork is as amazing as ever.  Pugh is a versatile artist, equally capable of intricate panel work and huge, poster-worthy splash pages. We see plenty of both in this issue and every page looks wonderful.

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