Thursday, November 20, 2014

PREVIEW: Sally Of The Wasteland #5 - A Review

Sally and Tommy have made it to the forbidden city of New Orleans - the only two members of their little band to survive the trip. But the paradise they were promised proves different than advertised. Can Sally save herself, save her man and save the world? Or is she doomed to speed the rest of her life as breeding stock for a scientist who would really need to get out more even if he weren't sealed up in a giant vault underground?!

In my review of the first two issues of Sally of The Wasteland for, I praised the series for its originality.  I likened it to the Fallout series of video games, because of how well it imagined a civilization growing out of The American South and what aspects of that society might survive as legend.  There's also a lot of weird mutants and animals made giant by the radiation.

Alas, the originality that made the first four issues of this series a delight is absent from much of this final issue.  This comic will continue to remind readers of Fallout but this time it will be because the villains live in a gigantic underground vault and are known as The Enclave.  About the only difference is that their form-fitting speed-suits are yellow instead of blue.

I say this not to accuse writer Victor Gischler of plagiarism (post-apocalyptic science-fiction doesn't branch as much as other sub-genres) but merely to voice my shock that the ending - which I will say is a satisfying one - should be so typical of the genre when the earlier issues of the series defied expectations so strongly.  That being said, this final issue is still a laugh riot to read.  And the artwork by Tazio Bettin is still as great as ever.

If you haven't picked up Sally Of The Wasteland yet, you should.  It's a B-movie in comic book form and good fun for anyone who doesn't take their action too seriously.  I give the whole series 4 stars out of 5, with this final issue being 3 out of 5.

Sally Of The Wasteland #5 goes on-sale November 26, 2014.

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