Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Three #9 - A Review

John Constantine is, to put it politely, up a certain creek without a certain steering implement.  His plan to kill Superman has fallen apart, his one immediately available ally is dead and he's been left alone to face The Wrath of God Himself (i.e The Spectre), two Sinestro Corps members (including Sinestro himself) and a fear-ring empowered Superman who is mad enough to curse openly!  There's nobody who can get ol' ConJob out of this one... but maybe a spirit can save him where No Body can?

Given that the title of this chapter is Dead Man, it spoils little for me to say that everyone's favorite avenging acrobat is the source of Constantine's salvation.  But that's the wonderful thing about a Tom Taylor story and his work on Injustice in particular - there's still plenty of surprises even after the resolution of last week's cliffhanger.

For instance, this issue tackles an interesting question - what happens when Deadman attempts to possess someone who is already possessed by another spiritual force?  Like say, Shazam?  Or The Spectre himself?  The answers to these questions, based on the minutia of the DC Comics universe, are worth the price of the book even if you ignore the riveting story... which you shouldn't!

The artwork is just as wonderful as the story.  Bruno Redondo does his usual stellar job, with dynamic choreography and figures that seem to jump off the page even when they're just standing there talking. And the pencils are made all the bolder by the inks and finishes of Juan Albarran.

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