Monday, October 13, 2014

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #3 - A Review

It's the Day of The Dead in New York City but things seem more like Night Of The Living Dead. Strange creatures that feed on fear are terrorizing Gabby Gonzalez's neighborhood, causing people to visualize their worst nightmares made real before being possessed by the creatures! Fortunately, The Doctor is on hand to make a house call. Unfortunately, the trail to where the monsters came from leads him into another dimension and The Doctor is quickly surrounded while Gabby - pressed into acting as his assistant - is in equally dire straits on the other end of the portal.

Nick Abadzis has perfectly captured the feel of a Series 4 Doctor Who episode with this series.  The story comes to an exciting conclusion and it spoils little to confirm that Gabby will be staying on as The Doctor's companion for a little while.  This is not a bad thing, as she's one of the more spirited and competent companions we've seen come out of the comics and her interplay with The Doctor is one of the best elements of a story that had many good elements.

The artwork by Elena Casagrande is as good as the story.  Many Doctor Who artists do a poor job of caricaturing the established cast but Casagrande proves to be a welcome exception.  Indeed, her artwork is exceptionally good, though it does lose some fine detail outside of the mid-range and some of her panels seem a bit small for the action they are meant to convey.  Still, her artwork is excellent on the whole and a perfect complement to a good story.

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