Tuesday, October 28, 2014

All New Invaders #11 - A Review

Some time has passed since The Invaders last united.  Thanks to recent events, Steve Rogers now looks his age and Namor - never the most popular of heroes or world leaders - is more hated than ever.  Despite this, Namor is still determined to find and save an apparently mad Jim Hammond - the first man to be called The Human Torch and one of the few Namor considers a true friend.

I've spoken before of James Robinson's gift for fitting exposition into his dialogue.  In most of his stories - such as the Times Past chapters of Robinson's Starman - this was due to flashbacks depicting old adventures relevant to the current adventure.  In this case, Robinson's gift is needed to explain away the current events of the Captain America title as well as the latest Marvel inter-company crossover.  Still, the information is delivered quickly and the proceedings are rounded out with some of Robinson's usual humor without things becoming too chatty.

Unlike last month's issue, All New Invaders #11 allows Steven Pugh ample opportunity to dazzle the audience with an epic splash page or two.  Pugh is even capable of fitting a poster-worthy piece of action-packed artwork into a half-page.  Such ability to depict this level of detail in a confined panel is a rare gift and we are all fortunate to see such talent on display here.

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